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Floor Heating

For a full range of heating systems in Christchurch and Canterbury

Under floor solutions

Livella Heating Christchurch provides energy efficient heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications throughout the Christchurch and Canterbury region. Livella designs floor heating systems which take into account the local climatic environment, existing floor covering, floor-area to room-volume-ratio, and we always guarantee 100% floor coverage.

Speak with the friendly team at Livella Heating Christchurch to ensure you select the most appropriate heating system to suit your needs and budget.
A wall thermostat for heating systems in Christchurch

Safe heating 

Radiant floor heating systems are cleaner, healthier and more responsive than traditional heating appliances, making them the perfect family-friendly option.

Unlike air conditioners, wall-mounted panels or heat lamps that concentrate super-hot heat in one place, our floor heating systems deliver gentle low temperatures evenly throughout the entire room for a superior and all natural effect.
Couple in bare feet on tiles

Warm feet equals comfort

Your body’s circulatory system helps transport heat around your body, in particular to your hands and feet. By heating your feet your heart will not have to work as hard to ensure your feet are warm. When your feet are warm your heart and body are more relaxed and therefore you are more comfortable.

If you are in the Christchurch region, call today to stay warm and comfortable this winter.
Young family

Allergy and asthma friendly

Floor heating is the most allergy and asthma friendly form of heating available. Floor heating systems bypass air and the reliance of convective currents to warm people and surfaces evenly. As a result, warm floors deliver continuous comfort while greatly enhancing air quality by not circulating dust, smoke and pollen particles as well as other allergens. Speak to our experts today for asthma friendly heating systems throughout the Christchurch and Canterbury area.
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